Dworp Educational Centre


The brief asked for a masterplan and future-use scenario for an educational campus. The site was divided in 3 zones; forest, field and strip.  The forest roughly being the introduction entry zone is filled with nature, an extreme concentrated version of the experience that the site is today. The field is the lowest area of the site. It becomes the counterpart of the forest, a calm area where the gaze can travel far due to the removal of some trees. The strip is the area between the forest and the field, the till now invisible floor on which the existing buildings positioned.

This zone is materialized in a flexible and open way, subject to change, phasing and evolution. This surface will be the main ground of activity. It is a multifunctional platform opposed to the existing mono-functional paths. It incorporates a linear circulation zone on the north side that crosses vegetable & flower terraces, different squares, terraces, a sculpture garden and a green room. Each zone offers the visitors different circumstances of interaction. The strip and its zones are equipped with infrastructure, furnishing, light, signs, symbols, everything to guarantee that they can be spontaneously used, easily adopted, individually appropriated, everything to turn it into an endlessly inspirational territory in the human scale. After some years, it will be difficult to imagine that the buildings once stood there, without the strip between them.












status: invited competition
client: Agentschap Sociaal – Cultureel Werk voor Jeugd en Volwassenen
program: masterplan
area: 8 ha
budget: €75.000 (masterplan)
location: Dworp, Belgium
collaborator: Barend Koolhaas & Aura Luz Melis
team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou, Ieva Saldauskaite, Chrysanthi Asproulopoulou, Lefteris Dousis
year: 2013