Square Pool


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Athens has lost its relation to green, water and nature in general. In Ancient times springs and rivers were sacred and Athenians considered water to be a supreme good, an inextricable part of daily routine. Combined with rich vegetation it offered citizens peace of mind and soul and encouraged contemplation, while natural running water was a prerequisite for the functioning of philosophical schools. The scarce occasions that water appears in today’s contemporary Greek cities, it is surrounded by fountains or other constructions that discourage any physical contact.

The exculpation and return of the aquatic element is proposed into strategic positions in Athens for daily refreshment and play. The Antonis Tritsis square, naturally leveled and with a slightly lowered center, conveniently framed by two central avenues and placed between the city’s two most accessed squares, offers an ideal opportunity for the introduction of the first shallow urban pool.





status: self-commission
program: public pool
area: 3600 m2
location: Athens, Greece
team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou, Beth Hughes, Giannis Gio, Ralou Kondili
year: 2010