Exarcheian Walls




In December 2008, the shooting of a 15-year-old student in Exarcheia caused extensive rioting in the area. While the riots were still taking place for days, life in the surrounding city continued intact as if on either side of an invisible wall. During the riots, protesters appropriated all removable city elements and used them as weaponry. The residents of Exarcheia have started to irregularly defend their properties through random protection devices to protect themselves against violence and catastrophe. As riots are a constant condition in Exarcheia at different times through the year, the area could witness the birth of a new defensive architecture and vanguard empty urbanism. This ongoing project studies how a new physical identity is slowly formed and how this could be capitalized in order to brand the area anew.




Year: 2008
Status: ongoing study
Location: Athens, Greece
Collaborator: Joao Prates Ruivo
Team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou, Beth Hughes