Athens by Hills



The project aims to highlight the full range of unexploited mountains, hills and natural remains that float in the city fabric and around the Acropolis.   ‘ Athens by Hills’ exploits the Genius Loci of each of the main hills of Athens in order to highlight and capitalize upon them, through programmatic interventions that enrich the perception and representation of the city. The experience of the city is expanding beyond the center and the all too famous ancient remains, towards the periphery with exciting, new flexible monuments for the future.

Point Supreme Architects were invited to participate in the Australian Pavilion , Emoh Rou, at the London Festival of Architecture 2010in collaboration with other Australian architects working abroad and within Australia.  Three countries are represented in the exhibition, Australia, Greece and Slovenia (Kokkugia, Minifie Nixon, McGregor Coxall, BVN, Hassell, GHD, Cameron Bruhn)



London festival 2




status: research project for London Festival of Architecture
program: exhibition for London Festival of Architecture for the Australian High Commission
location: Athens, Greece
team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou, Beth Hughes, Alexia Symvoulidou
year: 2010