Sun Square


The new square in Rjukan is perceived as a big ‘building’ with various rooms along its periphery and a big atrium in the center. Thus, City Hall and Library are incorporated onto the square surface which now nearly triples in size. This is organized in 3 parallel zones; a central ‘Sun Room’ and two long rows of smaller rooms on the sides. The Sun Room is kept free of permanent furniture except for one long, oversized bench that is placed in the center and directly faces the sun mirror. The height difference between the plateau of the square and the lower south side is exploited with the creation of a programmatic strip below the square; this holds a large storage area in the middle and two corner shops on both sides that add commercial value and character to the project. The square appears to have a 2,5m high façade towards the south side of the town and the river obtaining a 3-dimensional character on this side.







status: competition
program: public space
area: 5800 m2
location: Rjukan, Norway
collaborator: Christian Bratz
team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou, Yiorgos Pantazis, Ieva Saldauskaite, Alvise Pagnacco, Lefteris Dousis
year: 2013