Athens Heaven 01

There is only 2.7 m2 of green space attributed to each resident of Athens making it the most deprived of all European Capitals. In the most densely built central areas the percentage drops to a mere 0.4 m2 per person. How much additional green does the city require in order to reach the European average of 7 m2?  How can this be placed in the city?

The proposed imposition of this gigantic missing-green can undo another major urban dysfunction - the lost connection of the Acropolis to the sea. A kilometer wide strip of the city is demolished and replaced by nature, directly linking the Acropolis to the water. The Holy Rock, the polikatikias and the Athens neighborhoods suddenly coexist and are connected to the seaside through fantastic expanses of park, forest, jungle and lakes that return to the city the piece of Heaven that it had been deprived of.


Athens Heaven 03

Athens Heaven 04

Status: Self-commissioned
Location: Athens, Greece
Team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou, Giorgos Pantazis
Year: 2007