House with Resale Value



If the architecture of the 20th century was independent from its surroundings, then the architecture of the 21st century depends entirely on them: Its value is defined by the surroundings and services it will capitalize on. Since the surroundings are subject to constant change in relation to various factors, the value of architecture is more than ever unstable and dependent.

In order for value to increase with the passage of time, the question in the 21st century is not how to incorporate the surroundings but how to control, insure and even increase their value. The parameters of this value are defined in the language of the Real Estate Market. The increasing resale value of the 21st century house will therefore result from the increasing value of its surroundings.

status: undelivered competition  entry for Shinkenchiku International Residential Competition 2007
program: Housing
team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou
year: 2007