The Playfulness of the Real at Chicago Architecture Biennale


1 Petralona Wall and Athens Ferry sm

Point Supreme present couples of the most extreme opposite parts of their work:

urban proposals for Athens and photographs of their realized buildings as part of the ‘State of the Art of Architecture’ first Biennial in North America taking place in Chicago. There are no preconceptions of scale or design disciplines in the architecture of Point Supreme; buildings are furniture and mountains are objects, making no difference between rooms and cities, interiors and exteriors, private and public space. The city becomes a systematically exploited experimental field; varying from radical to immediately realizable, all the projects are interrelated and form a series. Whatever the size or type of commission, ideas for the improvement of life in the city repeat combine and resurface in ways that are very surprising to discover. The dualities showcase the similarities between realized and urban projects.

2 Nadja Kitchen and Faliro Pier sm

3 Flowershop and Athens Heaven sm

4 Nadja stair and Acropolis sm

5 Giorgia and Athens As An Island sm

6 Kalavrita Cafe and Hortus Conclusus sm

status: 1st Chicago Architecture Biennale
team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou,
artistic directors: Joseph Grima and Sarah Herda
year: 2016