Projects for Athens at Venice Architecture Biennale



Point Supreme Architects presents 8 visions for the future of Athens in the Greek Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2012. The proposals communicate hidden aspects of the city, propose solutions to spatial problems or proactively suggest transformations that would benefit or complete the urban experience. Each proposal is shown in the form of an image standing on a podium. On each podium there is a space, action or symbol that focuses on a detail, highlights a hidden aspect or even establishes a new relationship with the image it accompanies. Projects for Athens mobilize Architecture’s ability to decide on the urban form within the context of a political ideal and based on the existing urban condition of the city.


The projects are;

1. Athens as an Island Campaign to claim Athens an island and capitalize on the city’s unexploited coastal length

2. 100 Views of Acropolis Proposal to document contemporary life around the Acropolis as Hokusai did with mountain Fuji

3. Theater Square Proposal to turn a narrow square into densely planted secret garden

4. Athens Heaven Proposal to demolish a kilometer wide strip between Acropolis and the sea and to replace it by nature

5. Athens Ferry Proposal to add public space on the roof tops of a central city block in the form of a ferry boat

6. Square Pool Proposal to return the missing element of water in the city by turning a square into a shallow pool

7. Sigrou Avenue Proposal to capitalize on the programmatic identity of the existing main route from the center to the sea

8. Athens by Hills Proposal to rebrand Athens by programmatically identifying every hill in Athens





status: 13th International Architecture Biennale Venice
team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou, Lida Stamou, Thomas Bellanger, Chrisa Gkolemi, Sandrine Iratcabal , Konstantinos Tzioras, Alexis Tsakalakis
curators: Panos Dragonas, Anna Skiada
year: 2012