Circular Playground


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Children in playgrounds often play alone. Especially in playgrounds in Greece where safety regulations are very strict, playgrounds are uniform and consist of an array of standardized plastic toys standing individually on the plot. The circular playground connects such standard toys together and places them in a circle where they all look towards each other. This way a sense of communal play will be cultivated and children will be motivated to communicate and interact. The structure and its columns merge with the standard toys to create an overal playful set and experience and to blur their limits. The project is self-initiated and based on sponsorships.

160320 Playground 3

Eye level 01

160320 Current Condition

Circle playing

status: ongoing
area: 350m2
location: Aigaleo, Athens
team: Konstantinos Pantazis, Marianna Rentzou
consultant: Vasilis Evangelidis
commissioner: locus Athens
sponsor: NEON
year: 2016