Serpantina Built

01 Serpantina frontal

Serpantina is an affordable shade structure made up of modules of standard metal profiles and shading fabric widely available in the market. This way it can be easily reproduced and adapted to different locations. Serpantina appears as an extremely long & thin building. The original competition design is 60mx5m. Although extremely economical its monumental dimensions and graphic character make it automatically recognizable, optimistic and iconic, therefore maximizing its urban effect.

Underneath, a dense sequence of events take place in the linear shaded space in correspondence with the neighborhood needs. The long, narrow space promotes cross programming and is in its entirety ideal for social programs. The strategy of the line heightens the contrast between the complexity of the city, and the precision of the canopy.The first built case study comprises 3 modules (30mx5m) and hosts a sequence of public seating, a ping pong table, a platform, lunch tables and long benches. It is built in front of the Holon Design Museum in Tel Aviv following a first prize in the Urban Shade invited international competition. The aim of the competition was to conceptualize, plan, and build prototypes of duplicable shading elements for an outdoor public space. To see the competition proposal, click here.

02 Serpantina side

03 Serpantina

04 Serpantina Cross View T Side

05 Serpantina Cross View Path

06 Serpantina Cross View pick nick

07 Serpantina Cross View Ping Pong

08 Serpantina Cross View V side

09 Serpantina Detail

12 Serpantina

status: built
area: 150 m2
location: Tel Aviv, Israel
team: Konstantinos Pantazis,  Marianna Rentzou, Stauros Kotsikas
structural engineer: Thanassis Kontizas
collaborators: Robert Ungar, Reineke Otten
year: 2015